We are the advertising agency that can get results guarantee.

Results-oriented, personal & transparent. Are we a good match? Find out on this page.

We are the advertising agency that can guarantee results.

We are proud of who we are: results-oriented, personal & transparent. Are we a good match? Find out on this page.

gigaleads simon usai and mike smith
gigaleads mike smith

We are Mike & Simon, pleased to meet you!

We founded Gigaleads in 2020 as a sole proprietorship and are proud to have since grown into a serious, international party.

Through our committed approach and our team full of experience, we have had the pleasure of helping more than 300 companies.

gigaleads mike smith
gigaleads simon usai
gigaleads simon usai
gigaleads simon usai and mike smith

Meet Simon, our guru.

My name is Simon and I am the owner of Gigaleads. Marketing agencies (after taking a two-day course…) shoot up like mushrooms and I often hear very great stories, but when it comes to the quality of the leads, you as an honest entrepreneur are left empty-handed. I, on the other hand, have had the opportunity to spend more than a million euros on online advertising in recent years and I have found the method to generate leads both quantitatively and qualitatively and can therefore offer a guarantee of success to all our clients. Are we not meeting the targets? Then you just get your money back.


We are proud of who we are.

At Gigaleads, we love a good collaboration. Weekly evaluations are the best moments of inspiration for us, but the frequency is entirely up to you. In addition, you are always in direct contact with both your ad manager and the owners of Gigaleads.

What good is advertising if it doesn’t generate at least twice as much as it costs? Our customers earn us back an average of up to 5 times, which of course is exactly why we have only satisfied customers.

We fall and stand by the results of the campaigns and do everything we can based on data and our results drive.

We understand that you don’t want to burn money another failing ad campaign, which is why we offer a success guarantee. We calculate together what a good lead may cost you, and we don’t meet this target in the first month? Then you don’t pay us.


Warm and unique leads generated for our clients.


On average, our clients pay us back up to 5 times.


Helped companies build a consistent source of warm leads.

Our customers have confidence because they always pay us back.

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Meet our team

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charity south africa
Laptops donated

We don’t do this just for ourselves.

Mike & Simon lived in South Africa for more than two years and also founded Gigaleads during this trip. During this time they saw the most beautiful places in the world, but also the most miserable in the infamous ghettos of South Africa.

As two guys who love money a lot, but love helping others a lot more, they immediately decided that a portion of the sales should be spent on charities. So they have built a whole charity department within Gigaleads where the whole team helps to make this happen.

In addition, Gigaleads has supported the Muses Foundation from the Netherlands since 2023 and two projects in the Philippines and Pakistan – where we have several team members.

We are more than an ad agency – we are your partners in growth.


Infinitely scalable

Some of our clients are still working completely independently, but after seeing huge numbers of leads coming in, they see their ambition growing. Together we create a plan to achieve sustainable growth with more leads and more staff.

Sustainable growth

We have grown from a one-man operation since 2020, to a company with a team of more than 15 people from all over the world. We know how the game works and would love to help you achieve your own sustainable growth.

“Thanks to Gigaleads, I can now manage my business 100% from Spain – that was always my dream and Simon and his team have made it a reality!”

Find out how we help companies grow.

Let’s talk!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Then contact us soon to see if we are a match.

Due to the high demand for our services, all applications precede a screening process.

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gigaleads trustpilot reviews
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